Our Approach

For the Tata Group, improving the living conditions of the downtrodden, empowering the economically weaker and emancipating the socially underprivileged sections of society are the very foundation of its success. Tata Power-DDL too believes in carrying forward the philosophy and legacy of the Tata Group by giving back to the society through its community development initiatives. Tata Power-DDL has its own aligned vision, mission and policy with a simple view of benefitting society.

Tata Power-DDL has been engaging with the beneficiaries since its inception and has been consistently strengthening and empowering the deprived communities, primarily, the people residing in JJ clusters in its area of operation of North and North West Delhi. The objective of the company is to strive and meet the social needs and demands of the poorest of the poor. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) division of Tata power DDL has been redefined and renamed as "Social Innovation Group (SIG)" and is responsible to deliver services to the disadvantaged section of the society. This concept originated from our continued commitment towards the practice of good corporate citizenship and through adopting sustainable and responsive approach. 

In order to make our initiatives more sustainable, the strategy is to incorporate the direction and recommendation of the senior leadership with the objective of bringing in more transparency and authenticity to our social commitments.

In this structure, the initiatives of Social Innovation Group have been clustered under the umbrella of the mother brand name SAATHI which is connected with four pillars that caters to various initiatives.

Tata Power-DDL SAATHI:
The name SAATHI in itself defines the approach charted by Tata Power-DDL to treat our beneficiaries as prime stakeholders. Under the umbrella of SAATHI, Tata Power-DDL ensures that the programs offered under it will improve the lives of its beneficiaries in the long term and also positively impact the community as a whole. SAATHI has in its foldthe four pillars, which complement each other while working towards the goal of empowering society.

The four pillars of SAATHI are:  

UNNATI- Progress
Proposition: Women Empowerment

UNNATIconnotes understanding the need for women empowerment, which requires persistent efforts to bring significant differences in socio-economic condition of women residing in JJ clusters.

Under this segment, various programmes have been undertaken like Women Literacy Centers, developing Self-help Groups and Entrepreneurship development program, Vocational Training and Life skills program for girl students.

ABHA:These are women representatives who are the brand ambassadors for the programs under SAATHI. These ABHAs are engaged in reaching out to the residents of JJ clusters in order to maximize the visibility of our community initiatives.

SANJEEVANI- A medicinal plant with miraculous healing power
Proposition: Better Health

SANJEEVANI seeks to promote and support good health in the marginalized communities through accessibility to health services at their doorstep. Initiatives under Sanjeevani include Mobile dispensaries for the consumers of JJ Clusters, Drug De-Addiction Camps, Safe drinking water, Health Camps etc.

UJJWAL: Bright/Promising
Proposition: Societal Support for the SC & ST/ underprivileged

UJJWAL focuses on improving the quality of lives of the people who belong to the deprived section of the society. Tata Power- DDL has undertaken several initiatives for the socio-economic upliftment of the scheduled caste and tribes in areas of education, employability, employment and entrepreneurship.

Proposition: We care

"The Club Enerji" program has been designed to mitigate the future         environmental risks by raising awareness amongst future generation of the society, thereby developing a healthy outlook and sensitivity towards environment in them for years to come.