About Energy Club

One often thinks what the future is going to look like with continuous exhaustion of natural resources on earth. In the times of ongoing power crisis and unavailability of even basic electricity supply to some of the inhabitants of our nation, the future looks anything but ‘Bright’. In the present scenario the electricity demand is rising all over the world, more so in developing countries. To bridge the gap of demand & supply of power, it is very much required to ensure a judicious practice for electricity consumption at domestic and commercial level. Considering the limited quantum of fossil fuels available, ‘Electricity Saved is Electricity Generated’ becomes the mantra for sustaining the growth & development. The need of the hour is conservation and judicious use of electricity.

To make a difference to the rampant power crises and the general lack of concern and awareness, nine years back a lamp was lit to spread the light of awareness on Energy Conservation techniques. The unique initiative of TPDDL, a first of its kind, is based on the maxim of ‘Collaborating to Conserve’.

With this thought in mind for bringing societal and behavioral change in energy usage, TPDDL laid the foundation stone of TPDDL Energy Club with 5 schools as a pilot project in October 2004. The Young Turks of our nation, kids from classes VI-XII are made the change agents for this much needed social change. The mass movement of generating & disseminating awareness for judicious and sustainable consumption of energy has now grown to 240 schools (190 Govt. & 50 Public schools) sensitizing more than 15 lakh students, their parents, teachers and neighbors.

TPDDL Energy Club works on the theme of ‘Collaborating and Competing to Conserve’. The sensitization starts from the energy conservation tips given to our member students from classes VI-IX. Workshops and sessions are conducted in this regard by energy experts from TPDDL in morning assemblies & zero periods at least once in a month. Components of Climate Change and Electrical Safety are covered in sensitization program so that no stone remains unturned in contributing to make our students responsible citizens in years to come.


Project CONSERVE is the platform where students from our member schools are introduced to TPDDL Energy Club for the first time. In its first go they are made familiar with the term Energy Conservation, the need for it and what role they can play in ensuring conservation. Through first hand sensitization sessions by TPDDL energy expert team during the zero periods and morning assemblies, students are introduced to electricity conservation tips, meter & its components and how it can be read. A bilingual energy conservation booklet containing electricity conservation tips, climate change and electricity safety tips is distributed to each and every member student.

These tips are simply the directives of using electrical appliances so that the electricity consumption is optimized. The main purpose of Project CONSERVE is to educate and enable the kids for saving energy so that the ongoing energy crisis can be addressed. The fact that energy saved is energy generated has to be percolated in the daily life practices of the kids and later on to their family members, neighbors & friends.

Project NEST

After the sensitization of students comes the task of passing on the awareness for Energy Conservation to society. Our already sensitized member students are requested to share their knowledge & information about the need of Energy Conservation, means to achieve it, etc. with their friends & neighbors during vacations.

Project NEST format is provided to students containing energy conservation tips and personal details of friends & neighbors sensitized with their K. Nos. Those students who sensitize maximum number of friends & neighbors along with their K. Nos. are awarded in Project NEST.

Essay Competition

TPDDL Energy Club organizes Essay Competition for its member students preferably during National Energy Conservation Week from Dec 14th to Dec 21st. The essay competition is conducted both in Hindi & English for students from classes VI to XII. Of these entries, top 3 in Hindi & English for classes VI-XII are awarded during Urja Mela.


Urja Mela is the most fun-filled & cheered event of every TPDDL Energy Club phase where students from all member schools take part in various competitions. The noticeable thing of this Mela is that all its events are entirely based on the theme of Energy Conservation & Climate Change.

The events of Urja Mela are designed in such a way that it keeps both public & govt. school students at parity. Nominations for the events are invited well in advance from the member schools so that they get ample time for preparations. The list of events in Urja Mela is as follows:

  • Banner Making Competition
  • Nukkad Natak
  • Science Model Display Competition
  • Debate Competition

Post Urja Mela, as the final engagement of member students, teachers and schools, a feedback exercise is carried out where their experiences, suggestions and opinions are collected, which are further brainstormed and incorporated in next year’s mechanism of TPDDL Energy Club.

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