• About Energy Clubopen

    TPDDL Energy Club works on the theme of ‘Collaborating and Competing to Conserve’...

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  • Energy Club Bookletsopen

    TPDDL will play a leadership role in climate change by being knowledgable...

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  • Energy Saving Calculatoropen

    To achieve a sustained economic growth rate of 8-9% through 2031-32, energy access to all would require energy supply to increase...

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  • Supply of Electricityopen

    Electricity is generated in power plants and sent through a network of transmission lines...

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  • Reduce Your Electricity

    One of the best energy-saving devices is the light switch. Turn off...

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  • About URJA Melaopen

    Urja Mela is celebrated every year as a finale event of TPDDL’s Energy Club program...

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  • Award Winnersopen

    Painting Competition- Junior...

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  • Save Wateropen

    Wait, stop and think, what if we didn’t have water to drink! Make every drop of water count...

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  • Save Fuelopen

    The less you burn, the more you earn...

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  • Save Paperopen

    Around the world we use more than 1 million tons of paper every day...

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  • E-Waste Managementopen

    E-waste or Electronic waste is defined in E-waste management and handling rules 2011...

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  • Use jute and cloth bagsopen

    Every year, around 500 billion (500,000,000,000) plastic bags are used worldwide....

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  • Carbon Footprint

    Climate of the earth on which we are living is changing. Earth is becoming warmer, ice at the poles is melting...

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  • Quotes by Studentsopen

    "The program has had a positive impact in our school and homes. It tells us"...

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