"Automation provided answers in the past and it will be harnessed to do so in the future." With this ambitious aim to provide innovative and cost-effective solution to the customers, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited is introducing home, industrial and commercial automation system in the market.

The main objective is to spread the awareness regarding the automation system and to initiate the usage of automated system at domestic, commercial and industrial level in order to minimize their electricity consumption and hence reduce their monthly bill. We leverage our domain expertise and platform-driven process transformations to offer end to end solutions to our consumers.

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited has a great concern for their consumers who are dealing with the problem of high electricity consumption pattern at domestic, industrial as well as commercial level. Hence TPDDL introduces ‘Smart Niwas’ a place where lighting, Fans, AC, curtains, TV/set top box/DVR/other can be controlled as well as operated remotely regardless of location & area using wired, wireless & internet communication technology through smart network controller from a central point or a Smartphone or tablet PC using smart Niwas application.

It is smart thought that helps to design the smart home solutions as main purpose is to create the comfortable state of art living with an idea to save energy, time & money.

Smart Niwas, best home automation system in India from Tata Power-DDL will make the home "intelligent" by setting schedules for operation of devices to meet routine needs. It is based on "The Internet of Things"…the way that all of the devices and appliances will be networked together to provide a seamless control over all aspects of home and more. Sensors are used to monitor various parameters present in the room.