Pre-Requisite Check List

General Features
Does the house have Broadband Internet Connection?    
If Yes, is it Wifi or LAN Broadband modem?    
What brand of Router is used for Wifi connection? (poor quality router would lead to signal drops)    
Is one Ethernet/LAN Port available free on Home Wifi Broadband Router to connect Smart Network Controller?    
Are Neutral Wires running at individual switch of the switch boards?    
No. of rooms in the house?    
Area of house (to know requirement of Smart Network controllers & communication (CAT 5) cables) [In sq ft / sq yards / sq mtr].    
Electrical Audit: Are good quality distribution boxes with Circuit breakers installed and maintained?    
Is earthing wire available at each switch board?    
Does the house have UPS power backup?  
Functional Features...
Reduce energy consumption in home / office , especially prevent wastage    
Automatic setting of increase/decrease of AC temperature during sleep    
Switch ON/OFF appliances remotely through smartphone from outside of home    
Change/configure rules or schedule the operating time of different appliances    
Light dimmer & Fan speed controller in predefined time slots/as per your requirement    
Set energy consumption target & receive alerts on reaching threshold value    
Automatic switch on living room lights when you enter home  
Remote switch ON/OFF of lights, fan, AC from smartphone  
Curtain movement through smartphone for natural day light and fresh air  
Automatic Switch on/off of AC, geysers, other devices as per your requirement  
Create ambience through mood lighting, party, ‘Away Home’ settings  

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