Service Offerings

Pre Sale

Step 1 - Identification of customer needs through site visit
Identify customer needs (latent and explicit) and determine feasibility based on switch points, signal strength and broadband connection. It is mandatory for a customer to fill Pre Requisite Checklist form.

Step 2 - Designing the solution as per customer requirement
The OEMs of the vendor will design a solution that will be beneficial to the customer as per the requirements given and site survey. Accordingly he will suggest the smart devices and the gateways required for the solution.

Step 3 - Providing commercial offer
Based on customer needs and site survey a commercial offer will be made to the customer.

Post Sale

Step 1 - Installation and configuration of the devices with TPDDL web portal and mobile App
The devices will be installed by the competent OEM personnel and configured with TPDDL web portal and mobile App. The devices along with the solution will be handed over to the customers after installation and configuration.

Step 2 - Provide analytics for electrical consumption
The customer can see multiple or single meter in GIS view and a complete data containing all energy and power quality information of all the devices connected with the particular hierarchy. The customer can also see alerts like power outage, Voltage sag and swell, harmonics etc.

Step 3 - Addressing customer complaints
Customers can contact TPDDL at toll free number provided.