Energy Management Solution

As energy costs and demands rise and more renewable energy sources come available, the existing energy infrastructure struggles to keep pace. In today’s scenario the customers do not get real time information regarding their energy consumption. The only source of information to the customer is electricity bill provided by the utility at the end of the month. Also they do not have alert notification being provided during violation of any of the critical energy parameters which have a direct impact on their electricity bill. While the development of a real-time, proactive, and intelligent grid (or smart grid) promises to solve energy problems in the long term, consumers and businesses need effective and affordable solutions for managing their energy consumption and costs. Intelligent energy management technologies provided by Tata Power DDL can provide these immediate solutions. TPDDL’s energy management solutions helps to save money of customers by introducing them to innovative products and creative ideas. EMS products provide customers with the ability to do their part in reducing unnecessary electricity wastage with minimal effort and expense.

The Energy Management Solution of TPDDL will provide for real time monitoring of energy consumption machine wise for overall industrial & commercial premises. By installing intelligent energy meter the customer have the access to monitoring real time energy & power quality parameters through TPDDL web portal & mobile application.

The main benefit of this solution for the customers are:

  • Real time remote monitoring of machine run status
  • Real time energy accounting/auditing of the industry
  • Real Time cloud based monitoring of energy power quality parameters like power factor, voltage surge, current unbalance, voltage & current harmonics
  • Improved ability to analyze and understand energy use and consumption pattern, via segmentation to help consumer reduce their bills, and enable utilities to lower costs and improve efficiencies
  • Get critical parameters like temp, humidity through industrial sensors
  • Minimize the need of demand during peak hours by accurate forecasting and load management.
  • Alerts can be generates automatically or configured as per consumer requirement.
  • Reports can be download by one of these PDF, Excel or CSV format.

Properly implemented, intelligent energy management can not only help cut energy use, spending, and emissions, but also provide a solid foundation to build tomorrow’s smarter energy infrastructure.