Why Conserve Energy

India needs to add 12000 MW of electricity every year to meet the growing demand of power consumption in the country, especially in the industrial sector, which accounts for 56% of total energy consumed. This would require an enormous annual investment - of nearly 50,000 crores! Efficient demand side management supported by innovative energy conservation techniques in the industrial and commercial sector could save around 25% of consumption, which is equivalent to 30,000 MW of power generated.

India has 15% of world population but has only 2% of world oil reserves and hence its time for industries and commercial establishments to focus on energy conservation by adopting latest technologies and devices. In the last 10-15 years, the cost of power in the country has risen manifold impacting the competitiveness of the industry. This further calls for energy conservation.

Conserving or saving energy follows a national concern. Efficient Energy Management is a key to sustain the Competitiveness of the Indian Industry. Energy efficiency will lead to benefits in terms of competitiveness and a better share of the international market. Energy saving requires not just efficient equipment, appliances and gadgets, but most importantly requires a change in the habits and attitude that we have towards energy in general and electricity in particular.