Inspiring Women@Work

Whether it is nurturing their families at home or paving the way for transformation in their jobs, women employees have a unique value in our company. At Tata Power-DDL, we value the exclusive contribution of our women employees at the workplace in the form of diversified ideas, perspectives and experience. We are committed towards providing an inclusive and conducive culture to our women employees through various initiatives:


Maternity and Post Natal

Maternity Leave

We believe in providing that extra cushion to new mothers in our workforce, by offering them Maternity Leave beyond what the law provides, so that they can devote time to their new born. New mothers are entitled for Maternity Leave of up to 26 weeks, which can be extended by another 12 weeks of leave without pay. Adoptive Mothers are also entitled for the 26-week leave for child rearing.


Flexi Working Hours: Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

Women employees after returning from Maternity Leaves, including adoptive mothers, can avail the option of flexi working hours for the first six months with the company’s approval.

Break in Service Option after Maternity

We understand that Women may require an extended break to nurture their families after Maternity/ Child Adoption. Our women employees may also avail break in service option for 2 years to give extra care to their child during their initial, crucial life stage.

Day Care and Crèche Facilities

In order to support our employees in managing dual responsibilities at work and home, we have tie-ups with various Day Care Centres and Crèche facilities at discounted rates. In order to add to our employee delight, we also share 50% of the fees at these Crèches. These facilities are extended to all our employees, women as well as men.


Learning and Growth Opportunities for Women

Mentoring for Women Managers

Women Managers are assigned Mentors from the senior management team, who provide them continuous guidance and support on professional and developmental fronts.


Learning & Sharing Platform for Women Employees

A structured ‘Learning & Sharing Platform for Women Employees’ facilitates women employees to discuss issues of varied interests ranging from personal health & safety to professional growth. Under this initiative, a group of women employees, who feel emotionally connected or share a mutual interest, organize different aspects of their personal and professional lives and come together under one umbrella with the goal of fulfilling a common objective.


Unique Learning & Development Programs

Women employees are given exposure to various learning & development initiatives, particularly crafted to develop their management and leadership skills. They are introduced to various platforms, training initiatives, guest lectures and external programs which are designed in keeping with their special needs.