Graduate Hiring

Who Do we Hire

Tata Power - DDL recognizes that the key to building a world-class company is possessing the right blend of youth and experience among its vast workforce. It has always considered fresh graduates’ recruitment as a long-term and strategic source of augmenting and renewing the organization's pool of professionals.
All aspiring candidates go through a rigorous multi-level selection process to assess their fitment in the organisation. This includes Online test/ Written test for assessing General Aptitude, Domain Knowledge, Situation Judgment Test for assessing cultural alignment in terms of workplace competencies, Group Discussions (wherever applicable) and Personal Interviews to assess the Functional Knowledge, Drive for Excellence, Learning Orientation and Cultural Fit.


Campus Recruitments

We hire bright young professionals to work in fields of Engineering and (Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Civil, Information Technology); Management (Power Management, Finance & Account, Human Resources) and Graduates & Post Graduates with diverse educational backgrounds of Law, Commerce, Social Sciences, Statistics, Chartered Accountancy, Mass Communication and other specializations from premier institutes all over India.

Pre Placement Scheme

Tata Power–DDL has also deployed Pre-placement scheme, where in interested students from B Schools and Technical Institutes are given Internships in the organization, during which they are given challenging assignments in various functions/ domains.

All the students under the Pre placement Scheme go through a structured process of project Presentation and Personal Interview, and selected candidates are given Pre Placement offers.

Recruitment from Employee Ward and Employees Spouse category

In order to enhance employee bonding and delight, Tata Power-DDL has extended employment opportunity to Employee Wards and Spouses. All potential candidates go through rigorous screening and selection process involving Online / Written Tests, Situation Judgement Test and Personal Interview to assess their suitability.

Where Do We Hire from

Participative Approach towards Trainee Development

Tata Power – DDL ensures that its trainees are equipped with all the important tools and techniques that are needed to advance their careers. We create an environment that is conducive towards discovering and honing hidden skill-sets, strengths and core competencies. We are focused towards shaping our trainees to create unique business solutions while polishing their knowledge and experience that will place them on the path to success.


We believe that in order to succeed as a company, we need to provide our trainees with the right learning opportunity that will suit each unique aspiration. That's why we have a structured development plan, specifically designed to develop their managerial, functional, industry, technical, and leadership skills. Whether they want to master a single domain or explore a career in different functions, Tata Power-DDL will help them get there.

Cross–Functional Orientation

Our Trainees undergo a detailed orientation program which involves class room training, cross-functional orientation in various departments, behavioral skill development through role playing and management games. This cross functional learning is vital to understanding our company’s business which will help them perform better within their specific domains.



In their first year, the trainees are formally appointed with mentors. These mentors are experienced members of the organization who come with a rich knowledge and experience base. The mentors are given the responsibility to guide and hand hold the newly inducted trainees, especially, during their initial years within the organization. The formally appointed mentors act as a friends and guides to the trainees and provide constructive feedback to them.



For most of the new recruits this organization is the first place of work and there may be many processes that will be unfamiliar to them; the new inductees may have a number of questions on their minds, which go beyond what is covered during the orientation program. For this, we assign a ‘Buddy’, ‘Buddy’ is someone who has been in the company for a while and who will assist them in their cultural integration within the organization, so that their energies remain focused on adding value and learning.

Youth Power Confluence

In order to address the needs of Generation ’Y’ and harness their energies into the organization, a unique concept of ‘Youth Power Confluence (YPC)’ is held in order to keep the young entrants engaged through a series of competitions & activities. This initiative gives the new recruits an opportunity to understand the culture & get attuned to the value system of the organization through a direct association with the Leadership Team. It also provides a forum for the Management to encourage new ideas and thoughts that will rejuvenate the organization.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe in making the trainees a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility drive right at the beginning of their careers. Social Innovation Group has carved out a special program making it a mandatory part of the Induction process. The program includes an interaction with the Social Innovation Team, which will lend an understanding of various initiatives taken by the group. These initiatives include visiting our Vocational Training Centers, Adult Literacy Camps, orphanages etc.


Trainee Engagement and Learning through Various Platforms

Apart from the Youth Power Confluence, trainees are also encouraged to take part in many other activities and are given exposure to a number of learning platforms that help them to grow and groom themselves as responsible professionals. Apart from visits to power generation plants, the trainees are also provided training on corporate etiquette and remaining highly motivated during their training period.


Experienced Hiring

On a general principle, we induct employees primarily at the entry level. We also hire experienced candidates who hail from diverse industries and bring fresh, varied perspectives and industry knowledge into the organization. We hire experienced personnel for selected profiles in the area of Information Technology, GIS, Business Development and Operations. They are inducted with an expectation that they will manage the operations in their respective areas immediately upon joining us; and are given challenging work profiles suited to their unique competencies.