Building Learning based Culture

Tata Power – DDL encourages its employees to upgrade their knowledge by providing higher education opportunities in order to enhance and hone their formal qualification. The company has tie ups with some of the most reputed institutes of our country such as Faculty & Management Studies, University of Delhi, All India Management Institute, Delhi Technological University, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, MDI Gurgaon,and International Universities for Management and Technical studies likeHarvard Business School, Emeritus Institute of Management, Columbia Business School,etc.

Exchange programs are again aimed at augmenting the employees’ career and professional development. These programs have greatly helped broaden Tata Power–DDL’s business perspective, by benchmarking it with some of the best in the world, for example San Diego Gas & Electric, CPFL Brazil, TEPCO Tokyo and more. Our employees are given opportunities to learn from these organizations and bring back innovative techniques and technologies that would help us serve our customers better.

In order to ensure that our employees are up to date with the latest trends, technologies, market experience and cross functional knowledge, theme based lectures are held across the organization where we bring in experts from amongst our employees who share their specialized knowledge and experience. These lectures, on topics such as ‘Emerging Opportunities in Solar Power’, ‘Distribution Automation with Distribution Management System’, ‘New Technologies at Tata Power–DDL’, etc., help build knowledge and understanding of the business and how it operates, amongst the employees.

Tata Power–DDL believes that for a truly holistic development, a keen interest and engagement of its employees for the welfare of the communities is equally important. The company has built a strong presence, especially in areas where our customers hail from the lower income group. The organization has also made an impact in schools, within its area of operation, by teaching and inculcating into the younger generation ways to conserve energy and much more. Our association with various NGOs in North & North-West Delhi has helped us reach out to those in need.

Tata Power–DDL ensures the transfer of tacit as well as explicit knowledge amongst its workforce. We encourage superannuating employees to impart structured knowledge transfer sessions within their department so that it would help the department to continue to function at the same level of excellence and quality.

We strongly believe that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Tata Power–DDL encourages participation in sports and cultural activities which in turn helps in team building and development of leadership skills. An annual sports competition is also conducted for our Business Associate employees. The company encourages employees to bring their families at such occasions which helps in fostering greater harmony and personal connect between the employees.

If you are an ardent reader or would like to build a habit of reading, then Tata Power–DDL is the right place for you. We have dedicated libraries at multiple office locations. Tata Power–DDL has also partnered with an online library book service through which all book worms can order books, magazines, audio books, video speeches & sessions by top business leaders, movie clips on management lessons and much more.