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Tata Power-DDL Launches Extensive Safety Drive Ahead of Monsoon SeasonDate : Jul 09, 2019

Inspects 14,432 poles, street lights, ATMs, weekly bazaars, installations near schools, malls, etc. to check and fix any leakage of electricity

Issues 42510 notices to consumers for illegal encroachments near power lines

Issues monsoon advisory, organising sessions in schools and nukkad natakas in colonies

Conducts trimming of trees to avoid falling on electrical installations, poles and wires

Ahead of the monsoon season, Tata Power Delhi Distribution (Tata Power-DDL) is organising an extensive safety drive for its consumers and staff to reduce chances of electricity-related mishaps.

General Monsoon Advisory

• Stay away from water-logged electrical installations such as electricity poles, substations, transformers, streetlights, etc.

• Caution children from playing near electricity installations, even if they are barricaded

• Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands

• Check your electrical appliances like cooler bodies, washing machines, water pump etc. for any leakage current. Contact to your local electrician if any leakage found in appliances

• Ensure the meter box is adequately protected from water

• Use ISI-marked electrical wires and equipment

• Install earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) to prevent shocks

• In case of sparking in meter rooms or light poles, call 24x7 Sampark Kendra at 19124 for assistance

The drive covers checking of leakage at all Tata Power-DDL installations. Over 14,000 installations including poles, fencings, pillar boxes, street light poles, etc., have been inspected with rectifications in the leakages done. In addition to this electric installations adjacent to various school premises are also being inspected to ensure safety of children during monsoon. The company is conducting trimming of trees to avoid falling on electrical installations, poles and wires.

The company is also checking leakage of electricity at installations by other agencies and consumers; nearly 400 ATMs, 2000+ MCD poles, and 320+ park lights have been checked. Supply is also being disconnected for dangerous installations at few places (including notice for electric leakage circuit breaker not being found). The safety inspections also include bazaars or weekly bazaars. Apart from the inspection, safety guidelines leaflets are also being distributed among school children and general public.

Besides the company will also organise street plays (nukkad nataks), with a special focus on the dangerous impact of non-standard/non-ISI marked equipment, poor quality of wiring and hiring untrained electricians for household or minor jobs.

“Public Safety has always been a top priority at Tata Power-DDL. We have been proactive in taking measures aimed at avoiding any untoward electricity related accidents during the monsoon. We are regularly conducting safety inspections of our electric installations at prominent public places like Schools, Malls, Hotels, ATMs, Weekly Bazaars etc. to check and fix any electricity leakage; issuing notices for illegal encroachments near power lines and organising public awareness sessions on the importance of proper wiring and precautions to be taken.” said Mr. Sanjay Banga, CEO, Tata Power-DDL.

Tata Power-DDL is also issuing notices to consumers having illegal encroachments (residential and commercial properties) near power lines. A total of 42510 Nos. of unauthorized Construction notices have also been issued. Illegal extension of buildings and balconies near the overhead power lines with much lower than the prescribed critical distances mentioned in statutory guidelines can make the construction hazardous, leading to loss of life due to electrocution or flash burns.