Pay Bill Online

The payment of monthly electricity bill of all categories of consumers except Domestic, Agriculture & Mushroom Cultivation exceeding Rs. 20,000/- shall necessarily be paid digitally through various platforms like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallets (like PayTM, Google Pay) etc.

IT Security Tips

Ensure that the URL of the website starts with “https://”

Avoid using public computers in Internet cafes, airports, clubs, hotels, libraries or other locations while accessing online banking services.

Never respond to any emails/phone calls seeking your password.

Never share your password/OTP/card details to anyone.

Credit/Debit card payments

No part payment shall be allowed on Credit/Debit Card online payments.

No processing fees/charges shall be charged by Tata Power-DDL for payment made up to a limit of Rs 5000/- during one billing cycle. For payments above Rs 5000/-, the processing fees/charges shall be collected directly by the Issuer Bank / Payment Gateway etc from the consumer.

Making online payment through same Credit/Debit Card is allowed for five Contract Account Numbers (CA) during one billing cycle.

Registered Consumer required to ensure that payment is made through valid Credit/Debit card, for which consumer may require to prove authentication of card holder, if Tata Power-DDL requires the same in future.

Net banking Payments

There is no minimum or maximum payment limit on Net Banking Facility. Consumers can make part payments also.

No processing fees/charges shall be collected by Issuer Bank/Payment Gateway etc. on payment made by the consumer.