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Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited books a case against a consumer for Direct Power TheftDate : Oct 21, 2019

  • A theft case of 27.073 KW load was booked with losses amounting to Rs. 6, 54, 783/- 

Tata Power-DDL’s enforcement team booked a case against the consumer, a resident of the Ashoka Apartment, Civil Lines for involving in a direct power theft of 27KW. 

On 4th October the team reached the site and found an illegal wire connected between the meter and the consumer’s MCCB. Despite facing resistance and constant threats from the consumer and his family, Tata Power-DDL’s enforcement team managed to enter the premises and the theft was explained to the consumer. 

A direct theft case of 27.073 KW load was booked by the enforcement team with losses amounting to Rs. 6, 54, 783/- (Six Lakhs Fifty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Three Rupees) to the company. 

Tata Power Delhi Distribution is extremely vigilant in its operational area and undertaking rigorous exercise to check power thefts. It urges its consumers to refrain from illegal sourcing of power and apply for metered connections in order to avoid penalties and legal actions.