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Tata Power Delhi Distribution Consumers Save 98 MW During Earth HourDate : Mar 30, 2019

  • Support by consumers and over 450 RWAs made the Earth Hour a success.
  • Social Media Campaign to sensitize people on energy conservation practices received overwhelming response.

Tata Power-DDL's consumers today managed to save 98 MW during the Earth Hour, WWF’s global campaign for raising awareness on climate change issues, wherein people and institutions from across the world switched off their electrical appliances and non-essential lighting for one hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. Last year, Tata Power-DDL managed to save around 70 MW during Earth Hour.

Tata Power-DDL also organized several candle light marches during the Earth Hour in association with consumers and RWA members in its distribution area, North and North West Delhi and sensitized them through sessions and by sharing awareness through SMS’s and Electronic Direct Mailers. It spread the pre Earth Hour awareness through its Social Media Channels.

“Lakhs  of consumers and Several RWAs in our area joined us in the campaign and switched off lights during the Hour which resulted in a saving of 98 MW. I thank them for their participation in this Global Combat Climate Change Initiative.” said Mr. Sanjay Banga, CEO, TATA Power-DDL.