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Tata Power-DDL Successfully Meets 1690 MW of Peak Power Demand as Delhi Touches season’s highest Peak Power Demand of 6011 MWDate : May 29, 2019

Tata Power Delhi Distribution (TATA Power-DDL) today successfully met the high peak power demand of 1690 MW without any network constraint as Delhi touched a record high of 6011 MW, highest for this season. Last year, the highest peak demand registered in Tata Power-DDL’s area was 1967 MW.
“We have always strived for providing better services to our consumers. We are expecting the peak power demand to reach 2150 MW in our area this summer. To meet this demand, we have long-term tie-ups amounting to around 2000 MW and other arrangements and up to 500 MW including Renewable Power, through power import banking/ bilateral imports with other states to ensure regular supply & to take care of any contingency requirements” said Mr. Sanjay Banga, CEO, Tata Power-DDL.