Pay Bill Online


Credit/Debit card payments

No part payment shall be allowed on Credit/Debit Card online payments.

Any payment through Credit/Debit Cards shall be required to be made at least 3 days in advance before due date, so as to avoid late payment surcharge.

No processing fees/charges shall be charged by Tata Power-DDL for payment made up to a limit of Rs 5000/- during one billing cycle. For payments above Rs 5000/-, the processing fees/charges shall be collected directly by the Issuer Bank / Payment Gateway etc from the consumer.

Making online payment through same Credit/Debit Card is allowed for five Contract Account Numbers (CA) during one billing cycle.

Registered Consumer required to ensure that payment is made through valid Credit/Debit card, for which consumer may require to prove authentication of card holder, if Tata Power-DDL requires the same in future.

Net banking Payments

There is no minimum or maximum payment limit on Net Banking Facility. Consumers can make part payments also.

No processing fees/charges shall be collected by Issuer Bank/Payment Gateway etc. on payment made by the consumer.