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Benefits of an Electric Vehicle (EV)

At Tata Power-DDL, we are committed towards creating a ‘Greener Environment’ and providing Sustainable Solutions to our consumers. In order to promote the adoption of cleaner Electric Vehicles (EVs), we are developing necessary infrastructure in the form of public charging stations, home charging infrastructure and battery swapping stations to help you with a hassle-free adoption.

We are steadfast in our efforts to accelerate the ‘Green Energy Adoption’ in the National Capital. We continuously strive to establish ourselves as a benchmark in the utility sector in India by focussing on exceptional in customer experience.

The adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is not just a lifestyle change, but also promises a better way of life in terms of low running and maintenance costs, zero emission, and easy driving experience.

Environmentally Friendly

Considering the environmental conditions that we are currently living in with the air pollution levels on the increase and global warming rising, EVs can help in drastically reducing carbon footprint and cutting down on the emissions compared to the emissions from even the most eco-friendly petrol engines.

With the depleting sources of non-renewable energy, switching to alternative sources is a sensible solution and EVs can be a reliable future we can look up to. Though electricity is also generated from conventional sources, but we are gradually moving towards non-conventional sources of energy.

Another benefit that an EV offers is its silent functioning capability practically causing no noise pollution.

Low Running and Maintenance Costs

Adopting an electric vehicle (EV) in place of a conventional vehicle (petrol/diesel powered) will give you great savings on its running and maintenance expenditures. A car with an internal combustion (IC) engine has more mechanical parts and more complexities thereby requiring increased maintenance costs. EVs are easy and economical to maintain because of their simple structure and functions.

Another major advantage that EVs provide over conventional vehicles is the running cost. An EV gives more mileage in a single charge resulting in lower running costs. Also, owning an EV will save you from the worries of fuel price hikes.

Convenient charging at public charging stations and Home

Refuelling your vehicle made easier with the convenient EV charging option at home! With the expanding network of public charging stations and battery swapping stations and home charging infrastructure, charging your electric vehicle is no more a hassle. You can plug in your vehicle at your home for 8-10 hours for a full charge and ready to get moving again. Many EVs also offer you fast charging capabilities that allows quick charging within 60 minutes.

Electric Vehicles including electric cars, electric scooters and electric buses also give you an easy driving experience. They are gearless that provide you with an easy drive and just a set of buttons or pedals can make you operate the vehicle.

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Benefits to Users

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