• Client Manager (KCG, Government and Institutional Connections)

    Classification District Connection Client Manager Contact no. E-mail ID
    Xpress (Govt+Prvt) All Districts under TATA Power-DDL Area of Operation Xpress Connection  (500 KW and above) Gaurav Arora 9650544733 gaurav.arora@tatapower-ddl.com
    Private Connections Civil Lines, Shakti Nagar, Model Town and Narela Private Connections (=>100KW upto 499KW) Meenakshi Arora 9650711744 meenakshi.arora@tatapower-ddl.com
    Moti Nagar and Bawana Syed Hasan Imam 9599119568 syedhasan.imam@tatapower-ddl.com
    Pitampura, Keshav Puram, Mangol Puri, Rohini, Badli and Shalimar Bagh Amit Pasricha 9650547744 amit.pasricha@tatapower-ddl.com
    KCG(Govt) All Districts under TATA Power-DDL Area of Operation KCG Govt Connections(=>100KW upto 499KW) 
    Government LT Connection (<100KW)
    Narendra Singh 9810228389 narendra.singh@tatapower-ddl.com
    Government / Institutional Government LT Connection (<100KW) And 
    Street Light - MCD
    Sameer Gulati 9910177496 sameer.gulati@tatapower-ddl.com
    Government LT Connection (<100KW) And 
    Street Light - PWD & DDA
    Anand Prakash 9818005128 anand.prak@tatapower-ddl.com
    Government LT Connection (<100KW)   Ashit Mehta 9971394868 ashit.mehta@tatapower-ddl.com
    Institutional Connections (<100KW) Harshpreet Singh 9821450013 harshpreet.singh@tatapower-ddl.com
    Government LT Connections (<100KW) - Delhi Police Arvind Mehta 9650185656 arvind.mehta@tatapower-ddl.com